Incidents of wives involved in extra-marital affairs and killing their husbands seem to be on the rise. First there was the case of Swathi killing her husband, Sudhakar Reddy along with her boyfriend Rajesh, and in a cinematic manner trying to ensure Rajesh gets enough burn injuries with acid and later on a stove, to undergo plastic surgery.

All this, to pass off her paramour as Sudhakar Reddy her deceased husband so that she does not lose out on his wealth and property. But her plan to have her cake and eat it too fell apart and both she and Rajesh are behind bars now.

The other day the case of Nagaraju who was killed by his wife, Jyoti along with her lover, Naresh, came to light. And now we learn of another sensational case in Guntur district in which a woman, Srividya of Punugupadu in Nadendla mandal, hatched a plan with her paramour to get rid of her husband, Narendra, because she saw him as an obstacle to her affair. She laced Narendra’s alcoholic drink with cyanide as per their plan.

She then threw the body in a canal near Punugupadu on December 19, 2017, along with her lover to make it look like a suicide. Her clever plan, however, came unravelling when his parents, suspecting foul play, lodged a complaint with the police. After a thorough investigation by the police the facts of the murder were revealed.

While Srividya is said to be absconding, three others, Gottipati Veeraiah Chowdary, Gunji Balaraju and Poojala Chowdayya, have been arrested.