Rajinikanth's entry into politics couldn't have come at a better time—a year after J Jayalalithaa's death and Tamil Nadu political stalwart M Karunanidhi's retirement. Rajini's political debut was as dramatic as his entry in movies. While speculation was rife over the actor's political plunge for two decades now, his new year resolution caught people unawares.

However, fans of Kamal Haasan who recently took the plunge too,had anticipated the move. It's no news that the two actors were pitted against each other by the fans in the Tamil film industry.

Most cine actors have a larger than life persona and Rajini is no exception. But as scores of his jokes suggest, one cannot underestimate the power of the Thalaivar. And don't forget Rajini's announcement that he would field candidates in all 234 assembly constituencies of Tamil Nadu. With Rajini, things are always on a giant scale.

What caught everyone's attention was BJP welcoming Rajini's entry. And we don't have to tell you what a great rapport the actor shares with our Prime Minister. It's worth mentioning here that BJP is yet to find a foothold in Tamil Nadu. And the time is perhaps now ripe for them to woo Rajini into a tie-up with the saffron brigade. The state has been ruled by AIADMK and DMK for years now and one cannot help but remember the kind of controversies the two parties are mired in.

Interestingly, Rajini has made it clear that his party will fight against corruption. He also urged his followers to keep an eye on people going astray. While declaring that his political outfit will defy all caste, creed and religion Rajini intends to run the system on spiritual lines. The Kollywood actor has promised to usher in a political revolution.
The all-important question is whether Rajini is open to criticism which he has never been subject to till now.The Tamil superstar is worshipped by his fans as a demi-god
and does have a crazy fan following,but politics is a different ball game altogether. The actor should not forget that in politics, there are more brickbats than bouquets. A person who is so used to being revered all the time may not take kindly to criticism. If he's willing to take it in his stride, that would be proof that he has a 56 inch chest needed to buffet the storms that will come his way.

Rajini has a huge challenge ahead of him given TTV Dhinakaran's RK Nagar bylection win and DMK's strong presence in the state. It would be interesting to watch the actor's moves given the present political scene in Tamil Nadu. Can Rajini bring about the much-needed change in the state with his political revolution? Will his political party too be a blockbuster hit as his movies? Can Rajini gain the same fame in politics as
he did in movies? Can his charm match that of the late Jayalalithaa who too had a great fan following?Will the Rajini tsunami sweep everything that come up against?
Only time will tell.