If you woke up on the first day of the year and found those dreaded bags under your eyes, there are ways to get rid of them. Here are a few useful tips:

While, it might have been fun to party long and hard on New Year's Eve, alcohol isn't your body's best friend for many reasons. Dehydration, doctors say, leads to puffiness. So keep your alcohol intake in check and make sure you keep your body hydrated. 'Chase' your alcoholic drinks with a few glasses of water.

Cut down on salt

Extra salt tends to course through the body carried by water and gets deposited in places that have more sodium. Does that tell you why you find puffy eyes when you look at yourself in the mirror after a particularly rich dinner?

Jala Neti Kriya

The neti pot works. So, try it if you haven't and see how your sinuses get cleansed when you pour warm water with some salt in it from one nostril and let it drain from the other.

Kick the butt

Smoking is one of the biggest enemies your body battles against. Well, it leads to wrinkled skin and causes puffy eyes, say doctors.


Yes, those cucumber slices on your eyes actually help. One of the best natural remedies to get rid of droopy eyes, keep them for about half an hour. A sliced raw potato also helps, as do cotton pads dipped in chilled milk.