What does your horoscope have in store for you in 2018? If you are someone who goes by Zodiac signs, here’s what your year looks like.


Those under Aries will start on a high note driven by energy and determination. Your decisions will be predicated by prudence and wisdom and your excessive focus on work could impact your domestic life. So better watch out and learn how to balance things. Health issues could come into play till early March, so be conscious of your diet and fitness levels. On the professional front, you will have a successful year—it’s a good time to stake out and be on your own. If you are travelling on work, your effort will pay off. Towards the end of the year, you have to work harder whether you are a student, professional or a businessman. But this is also when you need to spend more quality time with your family as the year promises to come a full circle and end on a high note.


Health should be your priority at the beginning of the year and so it is important to step back from your aggressive approach to work. You will need to pull up your socks to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. In the bargain, you will hit some roadblocks but with your steely determination you will overcome them. It is possible that around the middle of the year, expected results don’t come your way at work but don’t let that pull you down. Things will be harmonious on the home front, kids will do well and if you keep your temper in check, there will be fewer tiffs with your spouse. If at the end of the year, you think you stand at a learning curve you wouldn’t be wrong because this year will prove to be a learning experience for you in more ways than one.


As always you will be driven by your intellect and this will fetch you expected results in the first half of the year. Then things will begin to plateau a bit and you will need to put in that extra bit of effort to make the magic happen. Things at home will get impacted by too much focus on work. Hence, you might have to learn to strike a balance between work and home. Watch your words to avoid putting your foot in the mouth too often. Health could be an issue especially in the second half of the year. Pay attention to your diet, fitness levels and always heed the doctor’s advice. Your love life will occupy a lot of emotional space in the second half of the year. You will need to think through a lot of complex issues and make the right choices. Businessmen will have a successful year, barring a couple of months. But it’s always advisable to tread with caution especially around the middle of the year.


Cancerians will find themselves in leadership roles both at home and work. This will mean added responsibilities but be prepared to shoulder them for a rewarding year. There will be the odd two months when both your health and finances will take a hit. Early in the year, make amends with all your family members including your spouse and resolve any pending issues to avoid conflicts from the previous year spilling over into this. Business will be bright for a few months and plateau for two-three months. This would again mean that you would need to take some risks to gain rewards. Health will be a matter of concern for some time and you should make sure you attend to any pre-existing disorders with a sense of urgency. Hard work will yield results.


Procrastination won’t take you anywhere-you must have realized this by now! Your typical Leo leadership strategies will take you forward on the professional front. Businessmen will take more risks which will prove to be rewarding. On the emotional front, your love life will bloom and you will find yourself entering uncharted territories. However, a word of caution—do not forget that discretion is the better part of valour. Spirituality will occupy a very important part of your life and you will discover ways of relaxing and trying to attain peace. Women will balance professional life and home better than they could in the previous year and will find it very rewarding.


Those born under this sun sign will have a mixed year. Some of them might start on a low note but as the year progresses, things will change dramatically. For professionals, it will be a year of stressful deadlines which could take a toll on their health. Remember to focus on getting adequate sleep and stay off junk if you want to stay fit. Don’t postpone that doctor’s appointment. Students will have a good year on the whole. Women will save more even though they suffer from pangs of guilt of having spent more. Businessmen will have a rewarding year.


Librans will have an extraordinary year. They will have a good year at work and their emotional life will be fulfilling as well barring the last quarter of the year. This is where you need to bring your focus into play and ensure that things don’t slide into a negative spiral. Youth will have a particularly enriching year in the first half. For investors, the first half of the year will prove to be a good time to take risks and the middle of the year will mark a period when caution in necessary. Your frankness can invite trouble though you might construe it as your strength. Women will have occasional health issues.


Enterprise will be the key to this year which will demand out of the box thinking from you. Your competence levels will be stretched to the outmost and you will have to reinvent yourself to emerge successful. However, most people born under the sign will find themselves up to the challenge and discover hidden potential and reservoirs of energy. Women who take risks will find their enterprise paying off. Family life will be mildly stressful in the first quarter and you will need to work extra hard to make things harmonious at home. Be watchful of getting into relationships which could prove to be stressful. Students will have a very good year and their plans to pursue overseas education will pay off if they focus in the right direction.


Those born under this sign will struggle in the initial three months of the year and find themselves hamstrung financially now and then. They will have to dig deeper into their reserves to balance things out. On the whole it will be an ordinary year in which you will have to make something very special to make the extraordinary happen. Women will spend more than they would have in the previous year. But the good news is that they will also earn more and will be supportive of their spouses and family for the most part. Those seeking to get married might face the odd bit of disappointment while many will find themselves successful in getting hitched to the right person. Students will have a good year academically and will set themselves up for higher goals to attain. Health will be concern for the elderly.


A year in which long pending disputes will find resolution, 2018 will see new plans taking shape. It will be a particularly rewarding year for students and women. Health will need extra attention and remember to follow up on pending check-ups. Women will reap the rewards of their investments. They will also have a successful year in terms of their relationships at home and work. A special word of caution to smokers—2018 may not be your year unless you kick the butt!


This is the year of Aquarian women. They will shine as leaders, mothers, spouses, co-workers, innovators and investors. Your management skills will find special mention at your workplace and will be cited as an example to follow. Your decisions at work will prove to be fruitful especially in the light of dedicated work. You will enjoy good health, but do not forget to see your doctor as scheduled. The elderly should watch their health in the last phase of the year. Students need to work harder to achieve the desired results. Businessmen will take a hit initially but will recover soon. Media personnel will have a very successful year. On the emotional front you will go through a new phase, but you will have to be careful before you commit yourself to a long term relationship.


Balance and moderation are the key words which will guide you and help you tide over most crises which confront you. You will have a very harmonious relationship with your spouse or partner provided you don’t let your temperament get in the way. You will need to improve on your performance at work as things will get increasingly demanding. You will turn to spirituality to find a purposeful outlet to the stress you face in day-to-day life. Students will have a very challenging year and the young will need to work on their relationship with their parents and elders and vice-versa. You will have health concerns in the middle of the year but you will overcome most problems. Financially a moderate year. Women will invest wisely and work extra hard on improving their relations with their spouse.