Hyderabad: While the new year is round the corner, party-goers in the city are making a smart move to avoid traffic police, especially after late night parties. Several apps like Driverzz, Hoop Drive You, Whistle Drive and Driver are coming in handy for those who would like to hangout in pubs and resorts on the new year eve. The hired drivers would pick up people and drive them home safely.

With rising instances of people getting caught driving after drinking, the services — 'timely drivers' has, of late, has become a hit in Hyderabad.

It is learnt that the companies have already started accepting advance bookings for December 31.

And even the Hyderabad traffic officials appreciated the move where people would stop risking their life by hiring drivers to reach home safely after parties. The move would reduce fatal road accidents in the city during these two days. There have been several incidents where people, including film personalities, were found to be drunk while driving. This had resulted in severe embarrassment to their families as they had to undergo a jail term and do other jobs like standing on roads holding placards. Recently, Tollywood comedian Naveen was caught by the traffic police in an inebriated condition. When media personnel tried to photograph him, he hid beneath his car.