VM Jai Kumar

YSRCP spokesperson RK Roja criticised actor Pawan Kalyan for his comments on dynasty politics.

Without mincing words, she said that the Jana Sena leader made baseless comments when he said that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is practising dynasty politics while professing to be against it. She said that the entire Mega clan is thriving on the efforts made by Chiranjeevi and are using his name to succeed. "If not for Chiranjeevi, would anyone make films for Pawan Kalyan or would people watch his films," she questioned. "While the entire Mega family rallied around Chiranjeevi when he launched his party, there was no one to support him when he failed to make a political impact," she reminded the people.

Everyone gets opportunities hereditarily, but YS Jagan is the only one doing justice to those chances and proved himself to be a true "Jana Neta", Roja said. Compare this with the "time pass" politics practised by Pawan Kalyan, she added.