Several of your MLAs have defected. Some say that only you will remain in the party.

Chandrababu Naidu's fundamental mistake lies in assuming that the party will crumble if one MLA leaves the party. It is a misconception. If he is thinking on these lines, he is living in a fool’s paradise. New leaders will emerge on the scene. I am surprised at the kind of assurances that Chandrababu is giving to those who are defecting. Should I give Rs 20 crore to each MLA and keep them in the party? Chandrababu Naidu has a lot of money. I do not have such wealth. I believe in people and in God. I believe I must stand by my values. After all, we were just two MLAs, when we started.

Giddi Eswari's crossing over must have pained you...

I felt pained. She was a school teacher. We picked her up and gave her the party ticket. The party too had given her a lot of importance. I think she should have been more mindful of her reputation as a public figure. She should have been with us. What gives confidence is that 44 MLAs are resisting all these temptations. I believe in values. When someone wanted to join me, he was asked to resign his posts before joining the YSRCP. For instance, I asked Silpa Chakrapani to resign his MLC post.

What about Vijayamma and Sharmila?

They will do anything for me because of their affection for me. They do not want to be in politics. When I was incarcerated, they moved in to save the party. They are not after power. Our family relationships are strong. They are doing what they have to do. They will do everything for me.

Are you not tired of fighting?

I have no fear. I have a responsibility. As many as 1.30 crore people voted for me. The difference between the TDP and the YSRCP was a mere 5 lakh votes. People have trust in me. So I want to be there for them. I have a dream. I want to create history. I want to give a model of governance that people will remember for ever. I want people to keep my picture alongside that of my father in their homes. I strongly believe that truth and righteousness will finally triumph. Adharma might have temporary victories. But Dharma alone wins at the end.