In the digital media world, what matters is who gets there first and who puts out the news quickly. And with competition so cut throat one is bound to go wrong. Like they say...haste makes waste. Same was the case with Times Now this evening. Even as the entire world woke up to the shocking demise of legendary actor Shashi Kapoor and condolences started pouring in on Twitter, Times Now which always claims to be on top of things and taking the lead did a goof unpardonable one at that, may we add?

Times Now  put out a condolence message for Kerala Politician Shashi Tharoor Instead of actor Shashi Kapoor. Even before they could realise and delete the tweet, twitterati had a field day at the news channel's expense even as Tharoor himself made light of the situation saying the news was a little premature if not exaggerated.

Have a look at the tweets