Hyderabad: Renu Desai, a model-turned-actress and former wife of power star Pawan Kalyan, is never the one to mince words when talking about her relationship with PK. Although the duo parted ways long ago, Renu has often shared positive things about her ex-husband in public platforms, adding that she reveres him. The actress recently appeared on a popular television show where she elaborated on the various stages of her journey with Pawan.

The show host went on to ask Renu, out of 10 points where would she rank Pawan as a husband and a person. Without any second thoughts, Renu gave 10 on 10 to PK as a person; while she chose number 5 or 6 to rate him as a husband. The host then countered her when she gave full marks as a person then it implies that he must be a good husband as well. To this she said that, a person embodies various aspects and his individuality differs while he addresses each person. And when further prodded by the anchor as to who took the decision of divorce first, she very diplomatically said: "You should ask him (Pawan)".

She then ends the note saying, "truth always prevails," adding that no matter what her response would be, there will always be three versions ie. - her version, show host version and the 'Truth'.

On the work front, she is one of the judges of a reality show 'Neethone Dance'.