It was scintillating to see hero Prabhas taming an elephant and riding on it by stepping on to its trunk in Bahubali. An unforeseen spinoff--a Kerala man tried to repeat the same stunt and the attempt proved near fatal for him as the elephant flung him away for a good 10 metres.

John, 25, who was hanging around with his friends in Cheenikuzhi locality near Thudupuzha of Idukki district, thought he could mount on it by holding its tusks. He even asked his friends to capture his daredevilry on a mobile. He went close to an elephant named Parthan, which was eating some green leaves. They tried to befriend the pachyderm by offering it bananas. Then John went closer and attempted to mount on it by holding its tusks. Enraged over this, the elephant flung him in the air and he had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Forest officials admitted to watching the video and said they were trying to locate the man.