Gadwal: An Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) working at the Armed Reserve Police Station here was caught on cam getting a body massage by a woman constable on Monday. The incident exposes the exploitation of subordinate staff by the higher-ups in . Recently an Inspector at Saroor Nagar also was caught getting body massage by a constable, but it was a male employee.

ASI Hasan, who is known for his highhandedness with the subordinate staff, was getting a massage by a woman constable who is working on a contract basis. The incident took place very much in the police station premises and during the daytime. As the incident was recorded in the CCTV in the police station, the Inspector tried to hush it up but somehow the news reached the Inspector General Stephen Ravindra.

An inquiry was conducted immediately and Hasan and the woman constable were questioned separately. The woman constable is said to have poured out her agony as she was being subjected to such treatment by the officials for quite some time now.

Based on the inquiry, IG Stephen Ravindra issued orders suspending the ASI Hasan. Further investigation into the incident is going on.