Hyderabad: A love angle came into the fore which is suspected to be one of the reasons behind the shooting of Realtor Syed Mustafa by MIM leader Shahnwaz's son Zubair.

On Saturday, Zubair invited Mustafa for a birthday party at his farm house, Kings Colony near Mylardevpally. Zubair also invited 10 of his friends to the party. The locals heard noise of gunfire at midnight. Zubair and his friends rushed the grievously-injured Mustafa to Apollo hospital in the city.

Although, the reason behind the gunfire was Mustafa tipping off the IT department about Zubair's father Shahnwaz's financial transactions, the police came to know that Zubair developed a grouse on Mustafa after seeing him moving closely with his girlfriend. The police, who quizzed Zubair's friends, said that this might be the reason behind the shooting.

The police also secured CCTV footage captured at the entrance of the hospital. The video shows Zubair and his friends leaving the hospital soon after admitting the injured.

The police also said that Zubair and Mustafa were business partners who used to sell plots in the city outskirts. During this time, they developed differences and the love issue too made their friendship turn sour.

Now, several questions are being raised over the case as the family alleged that the case is being watered down deliberately by MIM leaders. Why didn't the police conduct search at Zubari's farm house soon after the gunfire? Why did Zubair travel 15 kilometers from Mylardevpally to city to admit Mustafa in Apollo hospital? These questions are yet to be answered.