Nowadays people are preferring to have outside food than homemade food. Many of them are suffering from tummy fat and they are doing a different type of workouts to get a flat tummy. It is not an impossible task to lose tummy in short span of time.

Here are list few tips for you:

Avoid Junk Food: Try to avoid junk food as much as you can. Replace it with some nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, whole grain, dairy products, beans, nuts, seeds etc in your home. Keep your body hydrated and drink everyday minimum 10-12 glass of water to flush the toxins from the body.

Fasting: Sometimes fasting is good for health. When you are fasting prefer to drink more water to get a flat tummy. During this fasting take 3-5 apple cider vinegar drinks. Mix 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey and 8 ounces of pure water.

Exercise: If you have a habit of doing workouts every day then you can continue. People who don't have a habit of daily exercise try to adapt habit and take 20 minutes walking or jogging every day.

Say Bye-Bye to stress: Anxiety or stress can make your weight gain near the belly area. Try to keep yourself cool in each and every moment. Stress causes a lot of health problems apart from weight gain.

Check your food: Prefer to take more raw vegetables it will help you to reduce the weight. Fruits or vegetable salad will prevent cravings for food.