Guntur: Scary as it may appear, a three-storey residential building collapsed like a pack of cards at Mani Centre on Nandivelugu Road in Guntur city on Saturday afternoon. Luckily, all the occupants in the building have been evacuated to safety just 15 minutes before the collapse.

According to the police, the civic officials were digging a pit along the roadside for the construction of canal. As part of the work, earth digger had dug a pit, which was deeper than required. Due to this, the foundations of the building were severely damaged and the residents felt the building was wobbling. They immediately evacuated the building barely 15 minutes before the building came down and was reduced to rubble. The locals also cleared the roads to ensure that no one was injured when the building fell.

The building collapse was shot by a local on his mobile phone. Now the video is going viral on social media.