As the popularity of online transactions is on the rise, cyber hack and tricksters are ready to pounce upon at any given opportunity. Here are eight things that you should keep in mind before making any online payment.

— Avoid using cyber cafe while transferring funds or while making any online payments. One should also avoid sharing computer or a public Wi-Fi systems as they are more vulnerable to cyber crimes.

— Preferring home PC is the best option to carry out any digital transaction as they are well equipped with adequate anti-virus software. One should also ensure that home PCs have periodically updated operating systems and anti-virus softwares.

— It is better to avoid date of births, birthday dates and anniversaries dates as passwords as they could be easily guessed. Even while choosing passwords for making financial transactions, one should follow the instructions laid by banks.

— Financial security institutions like SEBI, RBI and the government will never call customers asking for details of banks ATM card numbers, passwords or confidential financial information. So beware when you get calls asking for those details in the name of SEBI and RBI!

— Always avoid clicking on anonymous links that pop up on the website when you are making digital transactions. Even if it is genuine, please ignore it.

— Never share your password with other person and keep away from ommunicating the digital security passwords through social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

— Ensure that SSL (Secure Socket Layer) shows https security on login page of bank's website. Remember that 's' after 'http' means that the site is secure and safe for transactions. Even while making online shopping, verify the online shopping site and ensure it is SSL-secured. This would protect your information of ATM. Please remember to find a padlock icon somewhere on the browser window.

— If you find something suspicious or unauthorised while using your ATM card, please bring it to the notice of your bank.