New Delhi: Only about 2,300 branches of private and public sector banks have opened Aadhaar enrolment and updation centres within their premises as against the targeted 15,300 branches by this month end.

The Aadhaar-issuing body - UIDAI - has already extended by a month, till October 31, the deadline for banks to open Aadhaar enrolment and updation centres in at least 10 per cent or over 15,000 of their branches. This is the second extension given to the banks for opening such centres. "The September 31 deadline that was given to the banks had been extended by one more month to October 31," the source said. According to UIDAI stipulation, 43 private and public sector banks have to open Aadhaar enrolment and updation centres in 15,315 branches. Against this, as per latest data, enrolment centres have been opened in 2,305 branches so far. The source said, State Bank of India has started Aadhaar enrolment centres in 356 of the required 2,918 branches, while Syndicate Bank has opened these centres in 245 of the targeted 840 branches. Dena Bank has opened 194 enrolment centres as against 339 identified branches.

Among the private sector banks, HDFC bank has opened 74 centres as against 403 branches identified, while ICICI Bank has done it in 59 branches against 485 targeted branches. Also Axis Bank has opened 61 enrolment centres as against 337 branches identified. While Punjab National Bank has to open enrolment centres in 1,132 branches, it has not yet started any. UCO Bank and Vijaya Bank have opened 12 and 19 such centres respectively, against the targeted 380 and 213 bank branches that are required to have the facility.

The Bank Aadhaar Kendras are being set up with a view to make the Aadhaar verification process of bank accounts convenient for the people, and also to have more Aadhaar centres across the country. Banks without Aadhaar enrolment centres in 10 per cent of their branches will face Rs 20,000 fine (per uncovered branch) after October 31.