Hyderabad: Actor Rajasekhar had a narrow escape when his car hit another on PV Express Highway near Rajendranagar at midnight on Sunday.

The actor was driving his car when he crashed into a Fortuner which was being driven by its owner one Rami Reddy ahead of his vehicle. Both the vehicles were damaged to some extent but no one received injuries. The other car owner picked a quarrel with the actor blaming him for the accident. He also lodged a complaint with the police stating Rajasekhar was drunk and drove rashly causing damage to his car.

However, Rajendranagar Sub-Inspector Sekhar Reddy said no traces of alcohol were found in breath analyzer test on Rajasekhar. The actor was in depression as his mother died recently and that could be the reason for his erratic driving, the SI said.

The actor's wife Jeevitha intervened later and pacified Rami Reddy who withdrew his complaint, police said.