Rajanna Sircilla: Telangana's friendly policing has gone for a toss when a traffic sub-inspector thrashed a lorry driver in public. Lingamurthy, a Sub-Inspector of police at Gambhiraopet in Rajanna Sircilla district, assaulted a lorry driver named Lingam.

Initially, the SI stopped the sand-laden lorry, which was heading to Medak, near Peddamma statue in Gambhiraopet. Later, the SI told the driver that the lorry was travelling with overload. Immediately, Driver Lingam showed the receipt of weight that he got from a weighbridge contending that the lorry was not overweight.

However, SI Lingamurthy argued with the driver and said the lorry has no permission to transport the sand. As the driver was trying to convince him, the SI attacked him on the road. A police constable was also seen catching the driver as Lingamurthy cane charged him in front of the public. The SI also assaulted the cleaner who tried to rescue the driver.

Meanwhile, a passer-by captured the video of the incident and uploaded in the social media. Later, the lorry owner Lakshma Reddy alleged that he too was attacked by the Sub-inspector when he intervened into the issue.

Defending his action, the sub-inspector registered a case against the driver under Section 353 for detering public servant from discharge of his duty.

It is not the first time, SI Lingamurthy is in news. In the past, sub-inspector had faced several allegations in the state. He was in news for allegedly abusing and assaulting an Army personnel. Later the victim had also approached Human Rights Commission (HRC) over the incident.