After weeks of panic, finally, the mystery behind the bizarre incidents of "braid-chopping" in northern India has been cracked. The police have caught an insect which was eating away hair of women.

Several reports have been surfaced that women have fallen unconscious when their braids were chopped off by some identified men carrying a 'trisul'. The incident led to the villagers blaming godmen, ghosts, witches, etc. Later, the police rubbished the incident saying it might be a handiwork of anti-social elements.

Recently a woman — Sunitha Devi, a resident of Gugaon, claimed that she was attacked by a strange old man in his 60s, when she was alone in her house. She alleged that the man cut her hair after entering her house. Such incidents have happened in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai.

A video of the insect, which was caught by the Patna police, is going viral on social media. The video shows how the ghost insect is cutting the hair.