Smartphones catching fire is not new, but they explode most of the time while being re-charged. In a bizarre incident, a RedMi Note 4 smartphone exploded in the pocket of a user in Ravulapalem in East Godavari district on Sunday.

The owner of the mobile phone Bhavana Suryakiran sustained a serious injury on his thigh. The the phone caught fire when he was driving his bike from home to his shop with his smartphone in the pocket of his pants. It could not be pulled out as it was burning. Locals came to his rescue, poured water on his pants before they were able to pull it out. However, the phone was still on fire even after they threw it out.

Suryakiran said he bought the phone only 20 days back through Flipkart and he will sue the company over the defective piece as well as for compensation for his injuries.

Although Xiaomi’s mobile phones are not like most other Chinese products, this incident creates doubts on RedMi smartphones too.