Hyderabad: After the excise police revealed that the Tollywood bigwigs have links with the drug peddlers in the city, Tollywood artiste Posani Murali Krishna on Tuesday admitted that there could be a few people who might be addicted to drugs.

However, he maintained that the industry people would not hesitate to keep drug addicts at bay.

Posani spoke to media persons in the wake of the media reports claiming that the drug racket, which was busted by the Hyderabad taslk force police, had been serving high profile customers in Tollywood industry and educational institutions.

There are people who take drugs and supply drugs, but it is not clearly known who exactly they are, Posani asserted.

The whole of Tollywood is taking the blame because of those few people. He appealed to the people not to blame the whole Telugu cinema industry just because one drug racket, involving a few people, was busted.

He further expressed concern over people in the cinema industry who were addicted to the abuse of drugs. "Not just career, even family life and personal life get ruined," he pointed out.

"Apart from watching on a television or in a newspaper, I have never seen what a psychotropic drug is in all my life. I take liquor once in a while, only on important occasion," he said.