Hyderabad: As mangoes are flooding markets of Hyderabad in the current month of May, the sellers and fruit vendors are resorting to distress sale. The price as cheaper as Rs30 per kilograme is luring the consumers. This is resulting in increase in purchase. However, the doctors warn the consumers should be careful in their daily in-take of mangoes as they contain high calories.

On an average, a big-size mango has 130 to 150 calories of energy. A person could gain a reasonable weight easily within a week by consuming two mangoes a day. Since, people without physical exercise may face trouble with weight gain, doctors are suggesting not to indulge in consuming more mangoes.

Doctors suggest to have the fruit only after 30 mins after vigorous physical exercise or cardio in the morning.

Since mango contains high levels of fructose, a type sugars typically found in ripen fruits, there will be high supply of insulin to the body, which would prove fatal for diabetic patients. So patients should keep away from having mangoes.

Doctors also warn not to consume mangoes ripened with the help of chemicals like carbide which will lead to numbness in legs and hands and other body parts too. So ensure that the mangoes are naturally ripened with grass and other traditional methods.

Better avoid half-ripened mangoes since they cause indigestion problems and stomach ache. Raw mangoes are not advised to have heavily.

Heavy in-take of mangoes may cause skin allergy, itching, rashes and hives.