A video of a groom matching his friends step-for-step in quite the dance performance while his bride looks on is going viral. Within only two days of being posted, the video has collected over 3.6 million views and almost 50,000 shares so far.

The video has been shared on 'The BACK Benchers' Facebook page. Barely two minutes long, video shows groom dressed in a grey suit with a garland around his neck. He can be seen dancing with his friends as wedding guests look on. There are lots of pelvic thrusts and even Gangnam Style dance moves.

He eventually moves away from the lot and stands next to his bride while his friends take center stage.

The seemingly impromptu dance performance is quite a hit on Facebook. The comments mostly include Facebook users tagging friends and telling them this is exactly how they would dance at their weddings.

"Please send them at my marriage... I don't want my marriage to be boring... And my insane friends will surely join you... I'll dance too," says one commenter. "This is amazing dance. I have never seen this type of dance before... nice," says another.

Watch the video below. Chances are, you'll want to get up and dance like these friends too.