In what appeared to be a rising hatred against the Indians, an unidentified group trashed with dog's poop, eggs and hateful messages sprawled all over the home of an Indian sometime in the first week of February in a US town. The FBI is investigating a possible hate crime.

The incident took place a few days before the killing of Vamshi Reddy, a native of Warangal, on February 9.

It may be recalled that two days before he was shot to death in the garage of a Milpitas apartment building, Vamshi spoke on the phone with his family and told them the situation was not encouraging in the US.

Last week again, another Telugu man Srinivas Kuchibotla was killed and his friend Alok Madasani injured when an American man opened fire on them after yelling "get out of my country". The US police called it as a "possible hate crime".

In the current incident, a home in the town of Peyton in Southern Colorado was trashed over the weekend. Hateful messages were sprawled all over the home. Most of them were racial slurs aimed at the Indian homeowner.

The homeowner didn’t want to show his face on camera.

"We saw more than 50 papers stuck everywhere on our door, window, car — they smeared dog poop everywhere and they had thrown at least 40 eggs on our walls on our ceilings, everywhere outside," the man said.

The homeowner says despite the hate, he was reminded of compassion. His neighbors came together and completely cleaned up the house for him.

"About 10 percent of the messages were racial slur on us, 'You brown or Indian shouldn't be here,' something like that," he added. "So it was frightening."

Authorities believe it was the work of group of people because of all the damage.