Bathinda: An IAF official posted at Bhisiana air base near Bathinda was brutally murdered and hacked to pieces by his colleague.

The victim Vipin Shukla belongs to Gonda region in UP. Accused Sulesh kumar, also from UP, and his brother in law, who killed the officer on February 8, were arrested. The murder came to light on Tuesday when hacked body pieces of Shukla were recovered in sergeant's house, leading to the arrest of Kumar and his wife Anuradha Patel. Kumar, the accused confessed to his crime during the interrogation and claimed that the victim has extra-marital relations with his wife Anuradha.

Deceased Vipin Shukla
Deceased Vipin Shukla

The Police said, "Anuradha asked Vipin to marry her but he refused. Thus, Anuradha, with her husband and brother hatched a conspiracy to murder Vipin for revenge.”

“On the evening of February 8, Sulesh called Vipin to help him pack as he was to change his quarters. When Vipin came, Sulesh attacked him with an axe, killing him on the spot. He then packed Vipin’s body in a box and took it to his new quarters,” he added.

“On February 19, Sulesh cut the body into pieces with a knife and packed it in polythene bags,” he said.

The police are yet to ascertain how the accused planned to dispose of the body.