Seattle: In a tragic incident, Priyanka Gogineni , a Telugu girl from Kavali, Andhra Pradesh went for a swim in Lake Hicks near Seattle and drowned in it shortly thereafter. She was a student at St. Martin’s University in Seattle.

After getting to know about the incident her friend Mani Pothepalli reached out to the North American Telugu Society (NATS) through their hotline. Priyanka hails from a family of poor farmers in Andhra Pradesh, whose parents do not even hold passports to travel to the United States. They have requested NATS to send them the mortal remains of their deceased daughter.

NATS has set up a donation page where donors can contribute to the charges of shifting her body back to India and also requested that people reach out to their friends and raise funds for it.

Any excessive funds remaining after paying off the funeral home will be donated to Priyanka’s family.

The donation page can be accessed through this link