Neighbour seduces minor, girl ends life

Neighbour seduces minor, girl ends life - Sakshi Post

* Shows sleaze videos, traps her

* Villagers rescue the girl

* Traumatised girl sets self ablaze

In a shocking incident, a Warangal girl, aged 14, was sexually abused by her neighbor who trapped her showing obscene videos on his mobile. He tried to rape her.

Though the villagers managed to save the girl, unable to cope with the trauma, the girl ended her life.The girl, a Class VII student, was alone in the house as her parents went to attend a funeral. Seeing the girl was alone, 30-yr-old neighbour Sadananda took the girl into his house, showed her some sleazy videos on his mobile and tried to sexually assault her. However, villager rescued the girl and and brought her to home. However, the grief-stricken and depressed girl doused herself in keroseneand set herself ablaze. The girl was rushed to the MGM hospital in Warangal, but succumbed while under treatment.Sadananda is arrested under Nirbhaya Act. Charges were would be filed against him under other relevant acts.

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