Rescue Efforts Fail, Toddler Dies in Bore-well

Rescue Efforts Fail, Toddler Dies in Bore-well - Sakshi Post

Medak: The nearly 24-hour massive rescue efforts to bring out three-year-old Rakesh alive from a bore-well that he fell into on Saturday morning came to a naught when he was pulled out dead on Sunday morning in Bommareddygudem of Pulkal mandal in Medak district.

The boy was pulled out by a special team of National Disaster Rescue Force (NDRF). It took the expertise of the NDRF to bring out the toddler from the bore-well, after efforts by the district administration failed to yield results.

Initially, the district rescue team decided to dig a parallel pit to the bore-well and bring out Rakesh. However, as the process was getting delayed the NDRF was intimated. The NDRF team members passed a micro camera into the bore-well and discovered that Rakesh fell head first in to the pit. That is he was in an upside down position in the bore-well. They then created a knot with a wire and dropped it in to the bore-well and tightened it around Rakesh's legs. A rescue team member, then, pulled out the boy while another was directing the operation with the help of the visuals from the camera that was already in the bore-well.

The team, immediately rushed him to a waiting 108 ambulance. Doctors, however, declared him brought dead.

Delayed Operation?: Noticing the simple but highly effective technique adopted by the NDRF team, villagers argue why this method was not adopted earlier by the district rescue teams. They opine that precious hours could have been saved if the NDRF team was called-in early in the operation.

Villagers' Anger: Meanwhile, villagers vent their anger on the police and local rescue teams as they were not allowed near the bore-well. They argued that they could have rescued the boy with the tools and equipment at their disposal. They also, alleged delay and negligence on the part of the district administration to rescue the boy from the bore-well. The district administration had, earlier, blocked all villagers from near the bore-well fearing that the rescue efforts might be hampered.

Earlier: Three-year-old infant Rakesh, son of Sailu and Mogalamma, slipped into a bore-well on Saturday morning in Bommareddygudem of Pulkal mandal of Medak district. The boy's elder brother Balayya (5) tries to hold him from slipping into the bore-well but was not strong enough to hold onto his slipping brother. His little brother slipped into the open bore-well right before his eyes.

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