Migrants Crisis: Man Spotted Eating Animal’s Carcass On Jaipur-Delhi Highway

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NEW DELHI: Amid the migrants crisis in the country, a distressing video has gone viral online. The video is yet another grim reminder of the fact how the coronavirus-induced lockdown has hit the poor the most.

Desperate for food, the video shows a hungry man eating from the carcass, possibly of a dog that died on the Jaipur-Delhi highway.

The video was uploaded on Youtube on May 18 by Pradhuman Singh Naruka who hails from Jaipur. He claimed that on his way to Delhi, he spotted the hungry man near Shahpura, which is in Jaipur district.

In the video, Naruka asked the man what he was eating and told him that he would die. He later asked the man to move and come near a truck where Naruka fed him some food.

In a Facebook post, Naruka claimed, "Humanity was put to shame in Shahpura when a labourer due to hunger was forced to eat a dog. What is worse is that no person stopped their vehicle and saw the need to help him. I gave him food and water to drink..." He has appealed to all to help the poor during the crisis.

He later told a web portal that the man was possibly homeless and the incident happened on May 18 afternoon. He said that officials later contacted him on Thursday seeking details of the man.

Many have shared the video on social media that highlighted the plight of migrants in the country.

Lavanya Ballal, associated with the social media team of the Congress, targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the video. "This is beyond heartbreaking. No one deserves this He is eating the carcass of a dead dog. @narendramodi India won’t forget this amount of pain and humiliation heaped of the poor...," she tweeted.

Watch the video here:

Lakhs of migrant workers were also left jobless and homeless due to the pandemic, especially after the lockdown came into effect on March 25. While special trains and buses have been arranged for them in the recent weeks and continue to operate to help them reach their native places, thousands of them had to walk or even hide in trucks and containers to reach their destinations.

According to media reports, over 100 migrants have died in multiple locations due to various reasons while going back to their native places.

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