Leopard Drags Little Boy, Leaves Behind Half-Eaten Body Near Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: In a shocking incident, a leopard took away a three-year-old boy from his house in a village in Magadi Taluk in Ramanagara near the capital city, killed him and left behind his half-eaten body in the forest nearby.

According to reports, the leopard sneaked into the house when the locals were sleeping. It picked up the boy who was identified as Hemanth.

According to locals and family members, the door of the house was kept open because of the scorching summer heat and the lack of electricity.

When the family members found Hemanth missing, they started a search in the night itself and found his half-eaten body next day around 60 meters away from house.

However, the forest department was alerted about the incident and they started the exercise of setting traps to capture the animal.

Reportedly, many man-animal cases have been registered around around Ramanagara and Magadi near Bengaluru as these areas house a large number of wild animals like leopards and sloth bears.

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