‘Virtual Visiting Hour’ For COVID-19 Patients At ‘Kolkata’ Hospital

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The West Bengal government has banned the use of mobile phones inside the hospitals by the doctors as well as the patients. This decision was taken as a video of a COVID-19 dead body lying in a ward went viral on social media.

This video believed to be shot by a patient at the state-run MR Bangur Hospital, Tollygunge, West Bengal. The video reportedly showed two bodies lying in the ward and the other patients were roaming around for medical attention.

Days after the ban on the use of mobile phones, a private hospital in Kolkata has come up with ‘Virtual Visting Hour’ idea. During these distressing times, patients find mobile phones as their saviours and it is also a matter of worry for the family members of COVID-19 patients as it would be difficult for them to know about their well-being.

Keeping the anxiety of family members and patients in mind, AMRI Hospitals has started, 'Virtual Visiting Hour'. Every day, between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm, the medical staff at the isolation wards would call their family members, so that the patients can keep in touch with the family members.

Rupak Barua, group CEO, AMRI Hospitals, said that the patients in isolation wards are not allowed for normal visitations. So, they started ‘Virtual Visting Hour’ on Sunday which has made both patients and their family members happy. This will mitigate their anxiety to a great extent.

The government authorities said that the use of mobile phones has been banned in the hospitals as they carry more germs. Ban on the use of mobile phones is a preventive measure to arrest the spread of coronavirus.

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