COVID-19 Patient Tests Negative After Being Treated With Plasma Therapy

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NEW DELHI: The first COVID-19 patient to be treated with plasma therapy in Delhi was tested negative. This was said in a statement sent out by the hospital where the patient was admitted. The patient's condition improved within 4 days of his treatment with plasma therapy.

Two consecutive tests conducted on the patient showed negative after the patient was treated with plasma therapy. This success might be one that leads the way for other hospitals to commence plasma theory with their COVID-19 Positive cases. At the request of the patient's family, the hospital authorities decided to administer plasma therapy. The treatment started on April 14, after he showed no signs of improvement to the medication that was being administered to him.

The patient showed positive results after administering plasma therapy and was weaned off ventilator support. The paitient is a 45-year-old patient from Delhi who was tested positive on April 4th, said the statement from Max Healthcare.

Now the patient is doing well and is expected to be discharged as his health condition is showing a steady improvement drastically, said the hospital's statement.

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