Lockdown: Migrant Couple Names Their Newborn Baby!

Migrant couple names their newborn baby as ‘Lockdown’ - Sakshi Post

The coronavirus pandemic evokes fear in the minds of people and it has made the world upside down. Strict lockdown is being imposed in the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Due to the nationwide lockdown, many migrant workers got stranded in different parts of the country.

A vendor couple who sells plastic wares got stranded in Tripura. Sanjay Bauri and his wife Manju Bauri became parents and gave birth to a baby boy. The couple named the boy as 'Lockdown' because the child was born during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanjay Bauri speaking to reporters told that they faced so many difficulties due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the lockdown. He told that he didn't take risk to travel to Rajasthan's Dausa district via road and railway as Manju was expecting. He asserted that the railway police officers took all the migrant vendors who were stranded at the Agartala railway station to two shelter houses. He further added that they helped them a lot, ensuring the safe delivery of his son. He thanked the state government for helping them a lot.

Many other couples who are giving birth to their babies during this lockdown period are coming up with different names. A couple in Uttar Pradesh named their newborn as Sanitizer. Some others are naming their children who were born during this coronavirus pandemic time as CORONA and COVID.

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