Want Some Relief From COVID-19? Then, Catch Up With ‘Super Pink Moon’..!

Super Pink Moon Representational Image - Sakshi Post

It's the time for the biggest and brightest moon of the year! Take off minds from what is happening on this planet for a while and experience the most mesmerising celestial body.

With cosmic combination of the biggest and brightest, the 'Super Pink Moon' appeared on Tuesday late night (April 7,2020). Those thinking it's over and that they missed on it, here is a piece of good news. The Moon will appear full till next Thursday morning (April 8).

What is Supermoon phenomenon and when does it occur?

A Supermoon phenomenon occurs when Moon is 'full' and reaches the point of Moon orbit when it's nearest to the Earth. Thus, when a full Moon is nearest to the Earth, a Supermoon occurs.

What is 'Super Pink Moon' and the reason behind that being called 'Pink'?

April Supermoon is known as Pink Supermoon as it is named after pink moss that is native to eastern North America. Therefore, pink refers to the pink flower that blossoms during this time and not the colour of the moon.

The Super Pink Moon in India appeared bigger and brighter as this was the closest Moon has ever got to Earth. Average distance between Moon and Earth is 3, 84,000 km whereas the Super Full Moon 2020 was merely 35,035 km away from Earth.

The next super full moon will appear in India on April 8 evening. Moon will rise from Kolkata horizon at 6:17 pm on Wednesday and will set at 6:19 am the next day.

In case you have missed it on Tuesday, take a peek from your window and witness the magic!

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