COVID-19 Positives: Meet ‘Corona Kumar’ And ‘Corona Kumari’..!

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Amidst the whole coronavirus pandemic news that flashes on news every day, there has also been some heart-warming news- the birth of healthy babies. The other uplifting news is not just their birth, but also the names of these babies.The parents of these babies have even gone ahead and actually named them after the disease.

Ramadevi from Alireddipalle and Sashikala from Tallapalle area, both from Kadapa district of AP, were admitted to Basha Hospital in Vempalli Town with labour pains a few days ago. On Sunday, Ramadevi delivered a baby boy and Sashikala was blessed with a baby girl. The couples named their babies after discussing with their doctors as they believed that their names would remind everyone of the hardships' that the world went through during the corona outbreak.

This they said is a way to believe that there is always triumph over hardships and this is how the couples want this period to be remembered.

These couples believed that their children will always make them and the world remember the lockdown and the pandemic period, which had ultimately resulted in the successful delivery and two healthy children for the couple. (Source:IB Times)

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