Coronavirus Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases Surge Past 4,000 In India

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NEW DELHI: The government of India is taking all measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus including a strict 21-day lockdown effected in the country. Despite these stringent measures the number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase. With 541 fresh cases reported on Sunday, the number of corona positive cases surged past 4,000. In the past four days. India witnessed a double rate in the infections; it was 2,000 on April 1 and on Sunday April 5th the numbers were 4,200.

The centre released data that showed that people who are being tested positive for corona cases are of those who participated in Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi. The governments of all the states are tracking, testing and treating the contacts of those who attended the meet. Around 274 districts across the country have reported corona positive cases so far.

Health Ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal said, “The doubling rate at present is 4.1 days. But if cases reported due to the Tablighi Jamaat event had not come, then the doubling rate would have been 7.4 days.”

The Union Health Ministry on Sunday said the total number of cases in Delhi has gone up when compared to the worst-hit Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. With 503 in the national capital, the total tally of coronavirus cases reached 3,577. The updated data was put out by the Health Ministry in the evening.

At least 274 people have recovered from the deadly coronavirus across the country. However 83 deaths have also been reported from different states. The total number includes 65 foreign nationals and one person has migrated. There are now, 3,219 active cases of COVID-19, said the ministry.

According to Health Ministry data, Delhi has left behind the worst-hit state of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and has 503 cases, while there are 490 cases in Maharashtra, 485 cases in Tamil Nadu.

Kerala has 306 cases, Telangana reported 269 cases, Uttar Pradesh has 227, Rajasthan has 200 cases so far.

Other states and UTs that have reported the novel coronavirus cases, are Andhra Pradesh (190), Gujarat (122), Jammu and Kashmir (106), Karnataka (144), Madhya Pradesh (165), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (10), Arunachal Pradesh (1), Assam (26), Bihar (30), Chandigarh (18), Chhattisgarh (9), Goa (7), Haryana (59), Himachal Pradesh (6), Jharkhand (3), Ladakh (14), Manipur (2), Mizoram (1), Odisha (20) Puducherry (5), Punjab (57), Uttarakhand (22) and West Bengal(80). (Inputs from IANS and TOI).

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