Don’t Use Hand Sanitisers And Light Diyas At 9 pm On Sunday Night

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD:The official broadcasting company of the Government is advising the citizens not to use alcohol-based sanitizers while lighting lamps or candles on Sunday, April 5 at 9 PM. This is because the alcohol in the sanitizer is highly inflammable. A video message was put out by the Prime minister of India Narendra Modi at 9 am on Friday. He requested the citizens of India to switch off the lights and light lamps or candles at 9 pm for 9 minutes to show strength and solidarity to the heroes combating coronavirus.

Experts have earlier recommended using alcohol-based sanitizers to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These sanitizers are highly inflammable as they contain ethyl alcohol which is considered as a highly flammable liquid. Fire from the lamps or candles can spread onto freshly sanitized hands very easily.So, the Government is asking the citizens to be aware of this danger and stay away from it.

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