Good News! COVID-19 Positive AIIMS Doctor Gives Birth To Healthy Baby

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NEW DELHI: In a positive news, resident doctor of AIIMS who tested positive for the highly infectious COVID-19, delivered a healthy baby at the hospital on Friday night. Her husband, working in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, was also COVID-19 positive. The couple was blessed with a baby boy.

This is the first such case in the national capital.

The husband was working in the physiology department was earlier found infected. Within hours of his diagnostic test, his wife, who was pregnant, also tested positive.

Medical Superintendent of AIIMS Dr DK Sharma told a news agency that the mother delivered the healthy baby through C-Section on Friday night.

The doctors followed proper protocol during the delivery and wore Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and delivered the baby.

Gynaecologist Dr Neerja Batla who delivered the baby, speaking to the news agency, said that the both the mother and the baby are fine and decision whether the baby's samples will be taken or not is yet to be decided.

The baby can also be breastfed as the virus doesn't spread through milk, the doctor said.

In a recent study by Lancet on 'Management of pregnant women infected with COVID-19' in Wuhan, China, stated that the there is no conclusive evidence about which delivery method is safer. It stated that there are no reliable evidence that recommends any specific COVID-19 treatment for expecting mothers.

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