Recovery From Those Who Damaged Rail Property During CAA Protests: Board Chairman

Violence while during anti-CAA protests (File Image) - Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav said that railway properties worth Rs 80 crore were damaged during Citizenship Act protests and that recovery will be made from all those who were involved in violence and arson.

"There has been damage of railway property worth Rs 80 crore during anti-CAA protests. Damages will be recovered from those found involved in arson and violence," Yadav said to a news agency.

There has been a spate of violent protests across the country over the amended Citizenship Act and the proposed nationwide NRC, and the police had to resort to stern measures to check violence.

Earlier the Rampur district administration in Uttar Pradesh government had on December 23 sent notices to 28 people asking people on why recovery should not be made from those for damaging properties worth Rs 14.86 crore while during the anti-Citizenship protests.

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