Rahul Gandhi Refuses To Apologise For Rape Remarks

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NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday has refused to apologise to the BJP for his 'rape remarks', and instead demanded an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he had called Delhi a "rape capital" under the UPA government.

"As far as their (BJP's) demand for apologising (is concerned), I am never going to apologise to them," he told reporters outside Parliament.

Gandhi said that the BJP government has targeted him to divert attention from the protest that has erupted in the northeast over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

He said the main issue today is that "the BJP, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have burnt the entire North East and this is a tactic used to divert attention" by raising his rape remarks.

Gandhi, in a poll rally in Jharkhand said, "Modi has been talking about 'Made in India' but it has now become 'rape in India' as incidents of rapes are being reported in newspapers across the country."

Gandhi faced a strong attack from the BJP over his remarks and party leaders demanded an apology. BJP raised the issue in both houses of Parliament and stalled proceedings on the last day of the winter session of Parliament.

Gandhi also clarified his remarks made in Jharkhand on Thursday.

"I had said that Narendra Modi had talked about 'Make in India' and we thought we would see 'Make in India' in all the newspapers. But, when we read newspapers we only see 'Rape in India' everywhere. There is no BJP-ruled state where rapes are not happening against women. In Unnao, a BJP MLA committed rape against a woman, and also got an accident done of the victim's car, but Narendra Modi did not utter a single word and neither took any action," the Congress leader alleged.

"What has happened is that Narendra Modi makes use of violence and spreads it and today there is violence in the entire country. there is violence against women, there is violence in the North East and in Kashmir, and there is violence in the entire country," he further alleged.

Gandhi said India's biggest strength was its economy and today Raghuram Rajan (former RBI governor) during a meeting told him that no one talks about India or Indian economy any longer in the US or Europe.

"And, when India is talked about it is about atrocities, division and violence. They have ruined the entire reputation of our country and this is what I talked about in my speech yesterday," he said.

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