Banks To Close For 8 Days In December! Arrange For Cash In Advance

Banks To Close For 8 Days In December! - Sakshi Post

Though we are living in a world with modern technology where we use our smart phones for digital payments and online net banking, but still keeping some cash in your wallet is always recommended.

Now that 2019 is ending, you will have to plan bank works and ensure that you do not run out of cash in December. Why? Because banks will be closed for a eight days in December including the second and fourth Saturday which are bank holidays and also national holidays.

ATMs may also run out of cash due to these bank holidays. In December this year there are 5 Sundays (1,8,15,22,29), and December 14 (second Saturday) and December 28 (fourth Saturday), are also holidays on account of 2nd and 4th Saturday. Christmas, which falls on a Wednesday this time, is another holiday taking the total to 8 holidays.

Check out the list of bank holidays:
1 December 2019 - Sunday

8 December 2019 - Sunday

14 December 2019 - Second Saturday

15 December 2019 - Sunday

22 December 2019 - Sunday

25 December 2019- Christmas -Wednesday

28 December 2019 - Fourth Saturday

29 December 2019 - Sunday

So in order to avoid the problem of running out of cash arrange cash in advance and see that your bank works are done on working days.

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