Onion Prices Sky High, But This Village In Bihar Couldn’t Care Less  

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HYDERABAD: Surely onion prices across the country will make you cry. A kg of onion can cost you Rs 70-100 in different parts of the country.

But a village in Bihar is indifferent to the changing prices of onion and villagers claim that even if onion prices soar to Rs 500, it would be met with indifference. Pondering why so. Here's your answer.

Triloki Bigha village in Chiri Panchayat of Jehanabad district, about 80 km from Bihar's capital Patna, is a habitat of about 35 families, consisting of a population of about 300-400 people.

Interestingly, the whole village is strictly vegetarian. None of the villagers adds onion to their food, as the vegetable along with garlic in most parts of India is considered as part of non-vegetarian diet.

For centuries now, the villagers have not eaten onion or garlic.

A native of the village, Rampravesh Yadav, told a TV channel that there is a Vishnu temple in the village and that is primarily the reason they don't consume it. He goes on to add that whenever in the past someone had onion, they have met with accidents, which has made their belief stronger of not having onion.

He adds that it is tough for villagers to adhere to the strict tradition, but even if one leaves the village, they have food only at places where onion and garlic are not used.

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