Man Allows Wife To Marry Lover, Read On....

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In a scene straight out of a bollywood fim, a man agrees to get divorced as his wife wanted to marry her lover. This story shares of a lot of its story line with the movie ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. A Touching story of how a husband would allow his wife to go because he loves her so much, but she’s in love with someone else

Mahesh, a software engineer married Sangeetha, a fashion designer seven years ago. They were survived by two children in Bhopal. Now, they have knocked the doors of the family court for a divorce. His wife had loved a man before Mahesh got married to Sangeetha and her father denied their love back in the day. After years, Sangeetha found that her lover was not married and he has been living with her in thought. After knowing this, Sangeetha decided to divorce Mahesh and marry her lover. Initially, it was opposed by Mahesh and finally, he said yes, putting his wife’s happiness before his own.

He also said that he will take care of their children and asked the wife to come and see their children whenever she wants. The court adjourned the case but the counsellor said that the court will issue divorce on their mutual consent.

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