UP Cop Runs 65 Kms Without Stop To Protest Transfer

Sub-inspector Vijay Pratap (Pic courtesy: ANI) - Sakshi Post

ETAWAH: To protest "dictatorship" of his superior, a UP cop took to a desperate way of protesting. Sub-inspector Vijay Pratap jogged on Friday nearly 65 kilometres from the Police Lines station intending to go all the way to Bithauli but fainted on the way.

He was later taken to the hospital. He was being transferred from the Police Lines police station to the one in Bithauli here.

"I am being transferred due to the dictatorship of RI. I was asked by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) to stay back at Police Lines but I am being transferred to Bithauli forcefully by the RI. You can call it my anger or unhappiness, but I will run and go to Bitholi," Pratap was quoted saying to a news agency.

The sub-inspector is presently in hospital and recovering.

Watch | Angry Over Transfer, UP Cop Runs 65 Kms Non-Stop

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