This Bride Calls Off Marriage As Groom Grooves To Naagin Dance

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LUCKNOW: Indian weddings are always grand, loyal to customs and traditions. The wedding ceremonies, especially in North India, are full colour and energetic performances from guests, dancers and also the bride and groom. Bride and groom try to present some quirky and different dance moves to impress the invitees.

But this dance by the groom in one of the Indian weddings in Mailani area of Uttar Pradesh has managed to end the marital knot. According to reports, the incident took place on Friday.

According to reports, a bride decided to call off her marriage after the groom broke into the Naagin dance (snake dance) under the influence of alcohol. The marital tie was ended after the exchange of garlands.

The groom slapped the bride when she refused to marry him. He also confronted with her family.  When a ruckus broke between the two families, the cops intervened and restored order. However, the two families decided not to lodge a formal complaint after the groom's side returned all the gifts.

"The groom was inebriated and didn't care about anybody during the ceremony. All pre-wedding ceremonies were complete and whatever happened was not acceptable. We are all hurt after my sister decided to call off the marriage. But we still stood by her decision," the bride's brother said to a daily.

A similar incident was reported about two years ago in Shahjahanpur of Uttar Pradesh where the bride had decided to call off her wedding before the rituals began. The reason being the groom performed the 'Naagin dance' after the DJ present at the ceremony started playing the tune.

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