Truck Driver Fined For Not Wearing Helmet

Truck Driver Fined For Not Wearing Helmet In Karnataka  - Sakshi Post

KARWAR (Karnataka): Slapping fines by Traffic Police is not new for violating rules. After the Union Government made traffic rules more stringent by increasing the amount of fine drastically, the police started slapping fines irrationally and illogically in many cities and towns across the country.

One of such bizarre incidents took place in Dandeli town in north Karnataka where the traffic police slapped fine on a truck driver. It became a big farce after the police issued challan to a truck driver Nazeer Ahmad, citing the offense as he is not wearing a helmet while driving his TATA truck. The notice was sent to his residence in which they fined Rs.500 towards violation. The irony is that the police have clearly mentioned the name of the vehicle as “Lorry”.

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