Can You Guess This Buffalo At Pushkar Fair Worth Rs 14 Cr Weigh?

Buffalo At Pushkar Fair Worth Rs 14 Cr - Sakshi Post

AJMER: Among all the 5,000 animals at Pushkar fair, held in Ajmer city of Rajasthan, a Murrah buffalo which weighs around 1,300 kg and is worth Rs 14 crore has gained public attention because of its huge size and weigh.

The world's largest camel fair started on November 4.

The buffalo is named 'Bheem' and is owned by a Jawaharlal Jangeed, a resident of Jodhpur city in Rajasthan.

He had bought Bheem in the previous fair and it weighed 1,200 kg and worth Rs. 12 crore.

Speaking about the diet of Bheem, Jawaharlal son Arvind Jangeed said that the buffalo is fed 1 kg ghee, 1/2 kg butter, 25 litre milk, 1 kg cashew nuts and almond everyday. This cost the family around Rs 1.5 lakh to take care of Bheem's diet.

He further said that they are not ready to sell Bheem and brought it here to give a message to people over preserving of Murrah breed buffaloes.

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