Madi Sharma: The Person Who Set Up Meetings With The EU And Modi

Madi Sharma - Sakshi Post

Madi Sharma, a name that has been creating ripples in the media through the recent past. She is an Indian based out of Brussels, who orchestrated a meet-up between delegates from the European Union and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

A news website had published the letter she sent as an invite to the EU giving them details of her NGO, Womens Economic and Social Think Tank (WESTT), through which she had facilitated the high profile meeting. This included travel and stay for over 30 delegates that had come down to meet the Prime Minister.

Take a look at the invite email sent by Madi Sharma:

Interestingly in her invite, she had also credited the sponsors for this trip who were the International Institute of Non-Aligned Studies. Madi Sharma Calls herself a social capitalist. She had also facilitated for the delegates to go on a trip to Kashmir to take notes on the situation there.

  1. Many people had questions of how much involvement the External Affairs and the Centre had with this meeting. The way her name had catapulted itself to the centre of the media after the meeting, is something that amazes many. Questions on how a person based in Brussels, had the power and authority to orchestrate and execute this meeting, has left many in a downward spiral of questions.
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