This Video Of Ziva Massaging Dhoni’s Shoulders Is Just Aww!

Ziva with MS Dhone - Sakshi Post

The former Indian Cricket Team captain MS Dhoni has been taking some time off from international cricket. But this has helped him spend more time with his family dedicating himself to mostly his daughter Ziva. Ziva is a diva herself, and has an Instagram account with over 400,000 followers. Something some of us only dream of.

Ziva had recently put out a video of her massaging her father’s neck and shoulders on Instagram. This shows Ziva sitting on the head of the couch, while her father is on it, and is massaging away. Dhoni is seen enjoying her little hands caressing his neck and shoulders as an excuse for massage. It’s these things that little kids do to show you they care, that turns us into melting blobs of love. And we’re sure Dhoni is having that same euphoria at that moment.

If you’re under thought if it safe to entrust so much a following in a toddlers hands. Well we have that covered that as well. MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni manage the account of Ziva, and it’s not in the little toddlers hands.

Dhoni had recently put up a picture on his personal account, of his daughter wearing the same sunglasses Ranveer Singh had worn at a different occasion. To that post he said that Ziva was convinced raveer was wearing her pair of glasses and ran into her bedroom to look for it.

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