It Took 22 Years For Jaipur Court To Acquit These Two Actors

File photo of Sunny Deol and Karishma Kapoor - Sakshi Post

Jaipur: A Sessions Court in Jaipur has acquitted Bollywood an actor and actress in a petty case after 22 years of the incident.

Sunny Deol and Karisma Kapoor, who were fined by a Railway Magistrate in Jaipur for allegedly pulling the emergency chain of a Uplink Express train while they were going for a shooting in 1997. In this case, a judge of a sessions court in Jaipur allowed revision petition which was filed by the celebs earlier.

The court finally held that no evidence was there against the two and further held that the Railway Magistrate should not have framed any charges for the offences which were set by the session court in the year 2010.

The Railway Magistrate in Jaipur had framed charges against Sunny Deol and Karisma Kapoor for offending U/S 141, 145,146,147 of Railways Act on September 17 this year. This also led to strong criticism against the magistrate court in social circles for the inordinate delay in judicial proceedings.

Although the two stars were relieved by the sessions court, Kapoor and Deol's counsellor AK Jain had stated that the stars were pressed earlier for the same charges in 2009. Deol and Karisma had challenged the case even then and were discharged.

It all started when assistant station master Sitaram Malakar of Narena lodged a complaint at the General Railway Police following which the stars were charged with violating Section 141 (for unnecessarily interfering with the means of communication in a train), Section 145 (drunkness or nuisance), Section 146 (obstructing a railway servant in his duties) and Section 147 (trespass and refusal to stop oneself from the same) in 1997.

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